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Chinese Herbal Formulations 
        for Pets
Since 1989       

We manufacture and distribute the first, most comprehensive Chinese Herbal Formulas 
for animals since 1989. 
These exceptional products, called Pet Therapy, have been designed to treat your animals as 
YOU would want to be treated. These completely natural, effective, safe and affordable 
products let our pets grow gracefully into old age. Pet Therapy formulas have been clinically 
tested by holistic veterinarians nationwide. They report Pet Therapy provides good response time 
in treatment, no side effects when used as directed, and outstanding results.
Pet Therapy is committed to providing the freshest and most effective herbs available. 
All therapies are formulated in small batches to ensure quality & potency.  
They are free of all pesticides, heavy metals and contaminates of any kind.

Powders are simply added to the animals' wet food for easy dosing
Using the herbal wisdom of 5000 years, PET THERAPY has become 
the answer to the age old quest of  "FIRST DO NO HARM"

The Healing Oasis Veterinary Hospital in Sturtevant Wisconsin has been using the Vet Therapy products 
                                                                    since we opened our practice  in 1993                                                           

We have found exceptional results with Crystal Free and it is VERY successful in working with urinary crystals of all and any types. We use it to drain off fluids in swollen extremities as well, with good success. As always with Chinese medicine, one must have a proper Chinese diagnosis for the herbs or formulas of choice to work effectively. We have seen no contraindications in this product and have used it in many different species (including exotics such as iguanas and birds) and with all different age groups. We use it for prevention in animals that are prone to making crystals (i.e. cats, dalmations) however we must say this formula alone does not replace diet therapy. If an animal has been diagnosed with any urinary crystals in the past, we look for any seasonal reasons for the disharmony use Crystal Free for one month each year prior to that time. When used with the correct Chinese diagnosis, we can honestly say this has been the most helpful formula in our veterinary practice. We have educated many veterinarians and technicians about this product and have sold to animal hospitals all over the country with NO COMPLAINTS and great reviews. Each doctor that has prescribed this formula has been truly surprised with the success of these formulas. Further questions, or comments may be addressed to Michelle Rivera, Healing Oasis Veterinary Hospital or at the Veterinarian School at 262-878-9549. (LDM)

Crystal Clear
Treats the Western Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Crystals (FUS), alleviates pain and helps restore PH balance. Can be used for both preventative & acute conditions. 

Ingredients: Poria, Alisma, Atractylodes, Polyporus , Cinnamon Twig, Nei Jing & Jin Qian Cao  

3 oz  $22.95     Add to Cart

Calm & easy
Treats the Western diagnosis of Separation Anxiety & Fearfulness. Use when introducing a new pet into the family to help alleviate fear, aggression & agitation. It promotes restfulness without disorientation .

 Ingredients: Zyzyphus, Dang Gui, Oyster Shell, Salvia, Fu Shen,& Gan Cao. 

2 oz.  $19.95  Add to Cart



Pain Free
Treats the Western Diagnosis of Arthritis, Sciatica, and Hip Dysplasia, and most Pain. Corydalis is 40% as effective as morphine with no side effects or disorientation.

Ingredients: Corydalis, Poria, Ge Gen, Dipsacus, & Chen Pi

Add to Cart  2 oz. $21.95

Treats the Western Diagnosis of Cancerous Tumors. This formula helps dispel masses & toxins, helps restore the body, and has reported anti-cancer herbs to help prevent re-occurrence after removal of tumor with no side effects.

Ingredients: Frankincense, Zedoria, Oldenlandia, Curcurma, Lindera, Licorice & Gynostemma

Add to Cart   2 oz. $24.95

Treats the Western Diagnosis of Worms & Parasites. This formula will help dislodge and expel parasites of any type. It relieves pain due to bloating of the abdomen. It is much less toxic than anti-parasitic drugs while providing long-lasting effectiveness against re-infestation. Average course of treatment is 3 weeks then test to be sure all worms are gone. Another 2 week cycle may be needed.

Ingredients: Lei Wan, Mume, Areca Seed, Dang  Shen, WuMei, Ginger, Torreya Seed, Licorice Atractylodes, & Radish Seed

Add to Cart    3 Oz. 22.95

Shipping & Handling Costs:
$10.50 for up to 10 formulas
Costs are then accessed at
$.50 per bottle

Wholesale Prices for 16 or more 
formulas in any combination
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Laura Mignosa, AADP
Chinese Herbologist
Speaks about ~

"It is incredible that we use holistic treatments to shield ourselves from intrusive methods of care and yet don't think twice about subjecting our animal companions to many painful procedures.  There is now a movement among Vets and owners to find the same treatment for our pets that we have come to expect from our own health care practitioners.  We can now find Homeopathy, Western Herbalism, Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Essence, and many other holistic modalities to help our Pets.  Let's look at the benefits of Chinese Herbal formulas that have been proven to help treat our companions safely, effectively, and affordably.
  Pet Therapy

*Crystal Clear has three groups of herbs that really work at the root cause of the problem. 
A common problem for many animals, especially male cats,is Urinary tract crystals. The usual method of treatment is a catheter and antibiotics and recurrence of this problem is almost inevitable.  

*Expel, a natural de-wormer
, has proved to be effective for many animals, especially horses.  Herbs in this formula help dislodge and expel parasites, including giardia, and are far less toxic than anti-parasitic drugs.  It also provides longer effectiveness against re-infestation.

*Calm & Easy helps with animals that are introduced to a new environment and exhibit anger or fear. Especially effective for separation anxiety without disorientation. 

*Pain Free is used to help with pain of joints and muscles like the conditions seen in the western diagnosisi of arthritis.
*Replenish is used to provide relief from pain and brings down swelling, helps heal skin, and allows for restfulness after the trauma of surgery.

is an exceptional formula that helps to dissolve accumulations such as tumors and cysts and assists the body to help eradicate cancer cells.
You may find these herbal formulas listed in the book, 
Super Nutrition for Pets


                  My terrier, Tux, is not the same dog!!!!  The Calm & Easy is working out so well with him - he's only 35 lbs., so even though he's hyper, I started out with only 1 dosage a day (1/3 tsp.) and it's unbelievable!  He's so much calmer and at peace (which helps our other dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback who is 80 lbs, who is normally very calm, but gets hyper when our terrier acts up).  We had a friend who knows our terrier since a little puppy, and this friend couldn't believe the change in our terrier's temperment - it's that noticeable.  The one dosage a day seems to be working fine, so I'm leaving it at that for now. Can't thank you enough for it!   D. E> Simsbury, CT

            Georgia had been plagued with crystals for years. Sometimes serious enough to have surgery to remove them. It broke my heart! I learned of Crystal Clear from a Vet who said it would help and eventually found you. Thank God I did. I now use Crystal Clear every other day to make sure she will never have another operation. She is doing just wonderful and it has been over 2 years. J.S. Avon, CT

            Paddy is a highland terrier who would not be alive today (he is now 12 years old) had we not found Chinese Medicine to help him. Before using the herbs, Paddy was allergic to EVERYTHING and he would pull his hair out and bite his paws until they bled. Now he has a beautiful coat and no allergies. It is amazing that these herbs can work so
fast and even though we have used these herbs for over 6 years, there has been no side effects or problems. We can't
thank you enough for all your help. S.L. Middlefield, CT

2/7/12: We wanted to let you know that our Penny has had another good year taking Crystal Clear ~
No problems with crystals in her urine and otherwise very healthy for 11 years of age.
We hope that you had a good year also and know we appreciate the help you have given us with this
Wonderful herbal formula.

Adele & Doug of Bennington Vermont


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