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The Five Spirits : The Heart of Chinese Medicine

The material presented in this seminar offers a personal journey of self discovery informed by The Five Spirits. An overview of the history and shamanic origins of this ideology as well as the Chinese creation story opens the seminar. A look into the Chinese characters of the Spirits gives us a deeper perspective as to their meaning. The seminar presents each one of the Five Spirits as a guide to observing human psychophysical occurrences that can bind psychic energy and stagnate physical energy. Learning how to keep these energies flowing allows us to transform our lives as we dream them to be. The information being offered directs you through the Taoist alchemical tradition as its correspondences to human psychology and physiology. Lifestyle, diet, herbs, spiritual practices, essential oils and flower essences are recommended for balancing mind, spirit and body. The Five Spirits system offers us a roadmap to transformational healing. Credits: 7.5 PDAs 9:00-5:45
Price:   $159.00 

Connecticut Institute for Herbal Studies
912 Corbin Avenue
New Britain, CT 06052
Phone: 860-826-2705