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Testimonials over the past 25 Years ~

Wow, I can't  believe a year has gone by already. I want to thank you for helping "awaken" a new understanding of TCM: HERBS~ From a technical perspective, you are an excellent teacher and communicate the essential information needed to understand a very complex subject.  Even more important, spiritually you are a gifted healer whose enthusiasm is inspiring. I look forward to seeing you again in future classes.   D. M. of Suffield, CT ~ DC, Dipl Acp.

Looking around the room and seeing some of your students that were selected to participate at this West Hartford Event, must have made you proud - YOU have made Chinese Medicine a real force in Connecticut. So many of your students have become successful and happy -you helped make that a reality. We are a living testament that a person can follow their passion and make a living out of it. Your classes and China trips are what have provided the ability to do that!"   
M.K. Danielson, CT  
I can't tell you how much you and TCM has changed my life! I will be forever grateful. Please don't ever change.  
S.W. Providence, RI

Thanks so much for imparting this life changing knowledge to us. Already, through your guidance, I have helped many family members & friends. Thank you and I am sad to see our class come to an end. I will certainly be attending future ones.  R.N. East Hartford, CT

So Great to be a part of your class! I learned so much and am looking forward to my new journey in wellness. Thanks for being my first step!   E.D. Greenwich, CT

Thank you so much for your amazing, eye opening class. We learned how to help ourselves and the people around us!   O.K. Glastonbury, CT 

Thanks for sharing your extensive knowledge of Chinese Herbs and diagnosis with us, The friendships we have created here will last a lifetime.  
N.C. Wethersfield, CT

You’ll never know how much I appreciate all you have taught me.  Really opened my eyes to another way of seeing illness.  I know there are lots of expensive 4 year programs that incorporate TCM, but your concentrated program does in one year what others take a few years to teach, and you do it in a way that is very easy to digest.  J.M.B. Bedford, New York

You are my vessel of knowledge with health questions. Thank you for embarking me in this life journey, and for sharing your wisdom which can offer a much safer way to stay healthy. You will always hold a special place in my heart & I will never forget this experience. Blessings, D.D. Moodus, CT


Laura Mignosa, Nationally Certified Chinese Herbologist,
Director of the Connecticut Institute for Herbal Studies since 1992.

 Please call for an Appointment of Care at 860-826-2705.
I will support your need for improved quality of life
seek to find the root cause of your disharmony.

August 2021

15, 22, 29 (3 Sunday Afternoons) Chinese Herb Series ~ ( limit 7 students)
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM   $189.00
(Come see if this modality speaks to you!)

These classes have been designed to show you the benefits of many Tonic remedies that have been used for thousands of years to keep us well. It will help you formulate an understanding of Chinese Medicine which is offered in September Program. Hand outs provided.

 15: Introduction to Chinese Herbal Therapy
This class is designed to teach individuals how Chinese herbs work, the differences between “Superior” and “Inferior” herbs, Formulas Making theory, basic Chinese Medicine Theory as well as covering some commonly used herbs.

 22: Chinese Herbs to Maintain and Regain Health
Learn many herbs used by the Chinese for Centuries to balance the body. Specific organ disharmonies and herbal Tonics (herbs that keep you well) will be discussed as well as preventative health teas for season changes.

 29: Chinese Herbs to Calm the Spirit
For thousands of years the Chinese have understood that you cannot separate the “Spirit or the Shen” from the body. When disharmonies of the Spirit happen, then physical signs and symptoms are exhibited. Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, insomnia or even the inability to focus can be symptoms of an “energetic” heart disturbance. The class will cover basic theory as well as herbs and formulas often used in Chinese medicine to help with the disharmonies of the “Heart”.


                     2021 Class & Program Information
September ~
Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory & Terminology Intensive 
(May be a Stand Alone Class) 
*pre-requisite for Certified Chinese Herbology Program. 

Sept. 11/12 & 25/26:
(Two Saturday & Sundays)
Time: 9:30 - 4:30 PM  Cost: $589.00

     This is a powerful course for anyone interested in the Differential Diagnosis of Traditional Chinese Medicine and it's uses today. Aroma therapists, Body workers, Massage therapists, and other wellness practitioners benefit from incorporating this holistic perspective of the human energetic systems.   

Through recognition of patterns, TCM describes disharmonies without diagnosing disease.  By studying this material, patients of TCM practitioners can increase their understanding of the perspective of Chinese medicine, and participate more fully in their treatment.

This course also serves as the foundation on which our Chinese Herbology Intensive is built upon. 
All our courses are taught with an emphasis on clinical diagnosis as practiced in China today.

Course Objective: Among the distinctive perspectives of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the Eight Principle Theory. The Eight Principle Theory is the foundation for differential diagnosis.

This program offers a student the opportunity to learn about the terminology and diagnostic skills needed for accurately recognizing the clinical signs and symptoms of each pattern of disharmonies. 

This is an intimate class of just 7 people at maximum, and speaks to the creative learning experience and personal attention needed to study this prophetic and detailed system of wellness.


One-Year Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbology Intensive Program ~                

The objective of THIS course is to further teach the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine as well as the diagnostic principles for the therapeutic use of over 150 herbs and more than 35 Chinese herbal formulas.  Case studies, review of organ disharmonies, and clinical observation will be included. Learn the preparation of herbal tonics and teas, Tongue and Pulse diagnosis. Herbal identification, their tastes, formula structure, contraindications, as well as the acquisition of professional Chinese Herbal Formulas will be addressed.  Independent study is needed to complete Certificates of Completion.  
Cost: $2695.00   Time: 9:30 - 4:00 PM

October ~
Oct. 16,17 : Spleen Disharmonies: Herbs and formulas for digestive disorders. The Western Medical Patterns of wet phlegm, acid reflux, diuretic issues, food stagnation, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain and discomfort, as well as other middle burner issues will be addressed. We will learn how to translate Western Medicine diagnosis’ into TCM disharmonies.

Nov.20,21 : Liver Disharmonies: Formulas and herbs for the Chinese Differential Patterns of the Liver will include information on stagnations of the body such as cysts, PMS, some GYN concerns, high blood pressure, migraines & emotional stagnation effecting digestion and pain. 

Dec.11,12: Kidney Disharmonies & Herbal Tonics: An overview of Kidney issues as they relate to the reproduction organs and all organs in general. Formulas that treat the Western diagnosis of yeast and urinary tract infections and the Immune System as seen in TCM will also be addressed.

January 15,16, 2022: Lung Disharmonies: Herbs and formulas to treat the Western diagnosis of sinus infections, flus, colds, virus’, coughs, allergies, asthma and more will be covered.
Formulas to keep us well will be addressed since this is the season for Flus.

 Feb. 12,13: Heart Disharmonies: Herbs and formulas to calm the Spirit and Heart will be covered. Recent information obtained from clinical experience in Beijing Hospitals will be presented as well. Emotional (Shen) conditions such as depression, anxiety, phobias, fears, manic depression are all part of a Heart disharmony in TCM.

March 12, 13: Gynecological Issues: Common pathologies seen in the transition of a woman's body will be covered in this class. It will include the signs and symptoms of menses irregularities, menopause, breast distention and fertility as seen in TCM.  Students will come away with information that can be easily used in a practice of Chinese Herbology.

May 14,15: Bi-Syndrome (Pain): This weekend shows the various types of pain as seen in TCM. Trauma, Acute, Chronic, Fluctuating pain will covered in this class with differential diagnoses’ and treatment strategies used for all types of pain.
 Some additional external applications for pain will be presented and discussed. 

Classes that are rescheduled due to weather will be added at the end of our program.
       Students will decide when a weekend will work for everyone at next scheduled class.

“It should be noted that at this time, no state has authorized separate licensing for practicing herbologists. In many states, only acupuncturists or Naturopaths can legally prescribe herbs using a western diagnosis.  However... that does not prevent an herbalist from suggesting formulas in accordance with Chinese Medical Theory.  It is not using or suggesting herbs that is at issue...but diagnosing a Western-named disease without having a medical license. There are thousands of herbalists in America and Europe.  In the West, Herbologists have been accepted as healers for hundreds of years.  In China, Herbalists have been mainstays of the medical healing arts for thousands of years.”

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LAURA MIGNOSA, NCCH is a Nationally Certified Chinese Herbologist both Western and China trained. I am the founding director of CIHS since 1992 and have traveled yearly to China for study and to expose my students to the culture and clinical training of Beijing Hospitals for 19 years. I was the co-investigator on a clinical trial at UConn Medical Center to evaluate the effectiveness of Chinese herbs for menopausal symptoms and breast cancer in 2000. I also pride myself on being the founding Vice-President of the CT Herb Association & Founding Educational Chair of the Greater Hartford Holistic Health Association.

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