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Calm & Easy

Treats the Western diagnosis of Separation anxiety & fearfulness. Use when introducing a new pet into the family to help alleviate fear, aggression & agitation. It promotes restfulness without disorientation. Ingredients: Zyzyphus, Dang Gui, Oyster Shell, Salvia, Fu Shen & Gan Cao. 4 oz
Price: $27.98 


Crystal Clear

Treats the Western Diagnosis of Urniary Tract Crystals (FUS), alleviate pain and helps restore pH blaance. Can be used for both preventative and acute conditions. Ingredients: Poria, Alisma, Atractylodes, Polyporus, Cinnamon Twig, Nei Jing & Jin Qian Cao. 4 oz
Price: $28.95 



Treats the Western Diagnosis of Worms & Parasites. This formula will help dislodge and expel parasites of any type. It relieves pain due to bloating of the abdomen. It is much less toxic than anti-parasitic drugs while providing long-lasting effectiveness against re-infestation. Average course of treatment is 3 weeks then test to be sure all worms are gone. Another 2 week cycle may be needed. 2 oz
Price: $28.95 


Pain Free

Treats the Western Diagnosis of Arthritis, Sciatica, and Hip Dysplasia, and most pain. Corydalis is 40% as effective as morphine with no side effects or disorientation. Ingredients: Corydalis, Poria, Ge Gen, Dipsacus, & Chen Pi 4 oz
Price: $27.95 



Treats the Western Diagnosis of Cancerous Tumors. This formula helps dispel masses and toxins, helps restore the body, and has anit-cancer herbs to help prevent re-occurrence after removal of tumor with no side effects. Ingredients: Frankincense, Zedoria, Oldenlandia, Curcurma, Lindera, Licorice & Gynostemma. 4 oz.
Price: $28.95 

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