Laura is a Nationally Certified Chinese Herbologist, director of the Ct Institute for Herbal Studies since 1992 and is both Western and China trained in this powerful modality. The integration of western & Chinese medicine as it is practiced in China inspires her yearly travel to Beijing hospitals. It also allows others to view the Chinese culture from a holistic perspective. Laura�s work with major hospitals & holistic practitioners since 1995 enhances her teaching and healing skills and helps make her an expert in her field.
She was enlisted as a co-investigator on a clinical randomized trial study for UCONN Medical Center utilizing Chinese Herbal Therapy to help with the symptoms of menopause in breast cancer patients. She was also called upon to be an expert witness in Chinese Herbology for the State of Connecticut Health Department,
As a professional Chinese Herbologist, she uses only safe hospital-grade herbs which are certified against contaminates, pesticides or heavy metals. Concentrated Tea in Tablet form comprise most treatment protocols.
In addition to her work as an educator of Chinese Herbology, Laura is a local & national lecturer, designs Chinese Herbal formulas for Pets and works as a consultant on Chinese Herbal Formulas.


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